If you’re tired of your old shingle roof and are considering the advantages of converting to tile, then you’ve come to the right place. Springer Roofing has considerable experience when it comes to converting shingle roofs to tile roofs. We’ll get the job done right, and our accurate estimates mean that there will be few surprises along the way.

Tile roofs have many advantages in Miami’s climate. Tiles can resist heat and improve air flow. This makes it easier to keep your house cool. Accordingly, tiles are more energy efficient when compared to asphalt shingles. Tile also has an advantage in that it doesn’t rot, nor does it succumb to fire the way that shingles do. If there is a structure fire, your tile roof can help to protect your home. Additionally, tile is a great choice if you want to avoid losing parts of your roof in high winds. Tiles just don’t come loose and fly away in the same manner that shingles do.

 Tile roofing is also attractive thanks to its impressive lifespan. It lasts for between 30 and 40 years. This means not having to be concerned about doing a roof replacement for a loNg time. Moreover, tile roofs contribute to your home’s value. Structures that have tile roofs tend to sell for more than similar houses with shingle roofs.

 There are considerations that come with converting from a shingle to a tile roof. Tiles are heavier than shingles. This may make it necessary to make updates to your home’s structure to support this weight. The tile roof experts at Springer Roofing are adept at assessing your home’s existing structure and performing the calculations necessary to determine whether or not structural updates are necessary. With tile manufacturing improvements, tiles are becoming lighter, which means that the need for structural updates is not as frequent as it once was. Still, our customers feel considerable peace of mind knowing that the experts at Springer Roofing are doing everything possible to protect the integrity of their home’s structure.

 Tile roofs also tend to cost considerably more than asphalt roofs. However, this fact is balanced out by the impressive longevity that comes with tile roofs. With a lifespan that can be twice as long or longer, tile roofs are definitely worth the investment.

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